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A big thank!


This post is not about cybersecurity, it's about great people. 🌟

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey that would change my life in ways I never thought possible. 🚀 As a Generation X guy who spent a good part of his career in the corporate world, it was a bold move to venture into the dynamic and fast-paced realm of startups, specifically cybersecurity. 🛡️💻

I won't lie, at times, I've felt like I was late to the party 🎉, having seen so many young and vibrant minds already making their mark in this domain. Sometimes I've wondered if I spent too much time within the confines of the corporate world. 🏢

However, this startup journey has given me a fresh perspective. 🔄 The last two years have been nothing short of an incredible roller-coaster ride. 🎢 I've never before encountered such an incredible array of open, supportive, and inspiring individuals. 🤝 Each day has been a lesson in resilience, innovation, and collaboration. 🎓💡🤝

Looking back, it's evident that no time was wasted. ⏳ Every step taken, every decision made, every success celebrated, and every failure learned from in the corporate world played a crucial role in shaping me into the entrepreneur I am today. 🌱👣🏆

As we approach our two-year anniversary, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all who have been part of this extraordinary journey. 🙏 Your support, your trust, and your belief in our vision has made all the difference. 🌈

Here's to being 'late to the party', here's to the next generation of cybersecurity, and most importantly, here's to never stopping the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire. 🔥🔥🔥

I cannot list all the positive events that have happened and will happen, but I can express my gratitude and celebrate the many people who have inspired me, helped me and given me valuable advice. Max Wolf, Jürgen Philippi, John van Leeuwen, Hannah Thieme, Milena Thalmann, Christoph Schüler, Boris Friedrich, Jürgen Schulze, Sabrina Guelck, Vinzent Ellissen, Karl Viertel, Dr. Johannes Späth, Lukas Baumann, Alexandros Manakos, 🏅Markus Tebel, Prof. Dr. Markus Gustav Kliffken, Björn Bringmann, Andreas O. Loff.

And a big thank you to all the people I've missed but who should have been mentioned.